Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pinkberry: Are You Eating It or Is It Eating You?

I don't get Pinkberry. I'm sorry, I just don't. Unless you live under a shell, or in Riverside, you know that the sour frozen yogurt (or maybe it's not "frozen yogurt" - I don't care about that either) has taken LA by storm, and has even moved east to New York.

That people have gone ga ga over this frozen dessert, calling it crackberry is beyond me, but is also eerily reminiscent of the 1980s B movie thriller, The Stuff. For those of you who didn't spend a lot of time watching B-grade horror movies in the mid-1980s, The Stuff is about a group of miners who discover an alien substance and market it as a gooey frozen dessert treat. Well, it turns out that The Stuff is highly addictive (enough is never enough...of The Stuff), and it flies off the shelves. Far from a benign dessert treat, however, The Stuff takes over the brains of those who eat it and turns them into mindless zombies. Crackberry, hmmmm.

This post is in no way intended to insinuate that Pinkberry products (whether actual frozen yogurt or reconstituted powder) are actually brain consuming alien life forms. All similarities between Pinkberry and The Stuff are purely coincidental...we hope.


david said...

Enough is never enough of the stuff. Pinkberry is basically a frozen version of a Japanese yogurt called "Yakult". I think it's gross. There is a new Korean run (?) yogurt place in West LA called yoku yoku which is way better. They call their yogurt "italian frozen yogurt". Doesn't have the same tartness as P.B. These yogurt places are everywhere now, Cantaloop on Hollywood/La Brea. there's one on Highland too.

Dyspepsia said...

Hi Sku, I decided to visit your blog due to your great doughnut (donut to me) round-up in Chowhound. And I discover that you share my view of Pinkberry. I don't get it either -the product, the atmosphere, the adoration.
Anyway, nice blog -I will definitely visit again.

sku said...

Welcome and thanks for dropping by Dyspepsia. I have a couple more round-ups I'm working on, but I'll likely do some quicker posts in between as well. I'm still getting a feel for the whole blogging thing.