Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baklava Flow: Baklava Factory

I love the various Greek, Armenian and Middle Eastern bakeries in town that have 30 or 40 different baklavas. It is amazing how many variations there are on a dish consisting of honey, nuts and phyllo dough. You can get them drizzled with chocolate, surrounded with slivers of dough like bird's nests, or rolled in little cigarette-like fingers. In the end though, I'm a purist, and I tend to be happiest with the traditional square or diamond shape, walnut studded baklava.

I've always favored the Baklava at Papa Cristo's, which is dense and flavorful, but I recently had some excellent goodies from Baklava Factory & Fresh Bakery, which has locations in Encino, East Glendale and North Hollywood.

Their baklava was excellent. Maybe not as dense as Cristo's, but juicy and not too sweet, for baklava that is. My favorites were the walnut squares and the pistachio fingers.

Check it out!

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