Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whiskey Wednesday: A Whiskey Mission in Pasadena

Mission Liquors, in Pasadena, has always been a great liquor store, but I recently visited after a long hiatus to find that they have become even better.

Mission Liquors is in Northeast Pasadena on Washington Boulevard, east of Lake. They used to be in a fairly cramped space, but they have moved to a larger, adjacent building and now have plenty of room, which has allowed them to expand their whiskey selection considerably.

I always liked Mission for Bourbon, but now they have a greatly expanded Scotch selection, including a number of lines of independent bottlers. On my recent visit I also found several whiskies that I had never seen on LA shelves, including the Last Drop blended Scotch whisky (if you have a few thousand dollars to blow) and one of the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection bottles. I've never seen any BT Experimental in California, so that was an exciting find, though they only had one, and it's now in my closet.

They also had a number of micro-distillery whiskies that are not readily available. Their Bourbon selection, though, was less impressive than I remembered, and across the board, their prices were high. Still, it's a great selection with some real rarities.

Mission Liquors
1785 E.Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91104

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