Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whiskey Wednesday: WhiskyCast - Are you listening?

If you are a whisky lover who likes to keep up with goings on in the whisky world, you should be listening to WhiskyCast, the "cask strength podcast" by Mark Gillespie. Mark Gillespie has been on the web delivering whisky news since 2005! He covers new releases, industry news and does whisky ratings, but the real meat of the show are his extended interviews with people in the news; this often includes interviews with distillers, critics, retailers and others who are making whisky news.

Last week's episode included fascinating interviews on the new 70 year old whisky from Gordon & MacPhail and the new posthumous edition of Michael Jackson's Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch. And the show isn't limited to Scotch, Mark is an equal opportunity whisky fan. If some guy starts distilling whisky from a cave in Antarctica, you can bet that Mark will be interviewing him.

Mark is running a pledge drive this month, not to raise money - the podcast is free - but to try and recruit new listeners to the show. No word yet on whether there will be free mugs and tote bags.

And while you could always listen to the podcast directly from your computer, WhiskyCast now has an iphone app. I actually get to listen to the show while I'm walking to work (yes, I live in LA and walk to work, get over it), which has improved my commute immeasurably.

So head over to WhiskyCast and get your whisky news.

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