Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chicken Fried Steak - Quantity over Quality in Texas

After my awesome chicken fried steak at Rosie's in Tahoe, I was jonesing for another plate of chicken fried goodness when fate would land me in San Antonio, Texas and breakfast at Lulu's, a place that's famous for its chicken fried steak.

Now, I should have known to be skeptical when the menu cover noted that Lulu's had been featured on Man vs. Food, the Travel Network show in which Andrew Richman gorges himself on ridiculous quantities of food while a rapt audience watches to see if he'll vomit...yes, that apparently is what passes for entertainment in twenty-first century America.

We all know that things are big in Texas, but this place was ridiculous. The giant cinnamon roll, which I expected to be large, was bizarrely enormous, the size of a whole cake. Having seen this monstrosity, I ordered the smallest chicken fried steak on the menu, which was good sized, but not mutant-like; it was served with eggs, toast and hashbrowns for around eight bucks.

I have to say that this "as seen on TV" steak did not come close to the glory of Rosie's. It was tough and the batter easily flicked off. The gravy was think and lacked the meaty goodness of Rosie's, probably indicating more milk and less drippings. The eggs and hashbrowns were good, but how hard are those things to make.

I'll stick with the quality of humble Rosie's over the quantity of celebrated Lulu's any day.

Lulu's Bakery & Cafe
918 N. Main Street
San Antonio, TX 78212

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