Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Changes

We're making some changes here at Sku's Recent Eats. No, I haven't yet sold to the Shanken Group and changed the name of the blog to The Sku Aficionado. My changes are much less drastic and sadly, much less lucrative, but there are changes nonetheless.

The End of Whiskey Wednesday

When I started the blog it was principally a food blog with a whiskey post every Wednesday. As the blog has evolved, I find I have more to say about whiskey than food, and I no longer want to confine my whiskey posts to a mere one day per week, so while we will still have whiskey on Wednesdays, we might have whiskey Mondays or Thursdays. For that reason, I'm retiring the title of Whiskey Wednesday (and don't worry, food posts will continue as always but, hey, I'm trying to stay healthy here).

New Lists

A few months ago, I moved my Complete List of American Distilleries and Brands to a new page. I've now added another page entitled List of American Whiskeys which is an alphabetical list of all of the currently available (in the US) American whiskey brands and who makes them. It's largely the same information as the distilleries and brands list, but listed by whiskey brand name instead of by distillery/company, and with a bit more speculation about what is actually in the bottle.

I've also combined all of my whiskey links into a links
page. I will try to do the same for my food links as well.

My next project will be to try and come up with an FAQ page that combines some of the random FAQs from former posts that I have listed now.

Thanks to all my readers for their patience with my low-tech blog. If anyone has suggestions (or if Shanken finally wants to cut me a check), please feel free to email me or leave comments.

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