Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tequila Week: Reposados Part 2

Today I continue tasting reposado tequilas.

Herencia de Plata Reposado, 38% abv ($39)

The nose has a very pure agave note. The palate, though, has an artificial sweetness too it. It comes on almost like egg nog with a boozy vanilla then picks up some bitterness that lasts into the finish.

Aha Toro Reposado, 40% abv ($50)

The nose is floral and earthy. The palate on this one starts with guryere (I kid you not) and just gets funkier as you go. The finish is umami with mushrooms in damp soil and a touch of salt. This is a very unique flavor profile and one I'm not sure what to make of but it's a good break from some of the overly smooth reposados I've had.

Don Eduardo Reposado, 38% abv ($40)

This is one of the few repeated brands in the tasting. I tried the blanco version and didn't find it very interesting. The reposado is quite sweet and floral on the nose. The palate is a bit spicy with some ginger beer and clove. This is quite nice. Clearly, time in the barrel has a positive impact on the Don Eduardo spirit.

Con Alma de Mujer Reposado, 35% abv ($28)

The nose is very pure with a nice balance of all the tequila notes, floral, earthy, sweet. The palate though is quite diluted, very watery tequila flavor. The notes on the nose are there but very muted at 35%. I wish, as with many of these, that this were stronger and some of those flavors could really sing. It's fine but not all that interesting at this level.

Tomorrow: the añejos.

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