Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blog of the Month: Diving for Pearls

While it's been dormant for a few months, the Blog of the Month is a feature in which I pick one of the over 550 whiskey blogs that I think deserves more attention.

Michael Kravitz of Long Beach, California started Diving for Pearls as a sort of general blog back in 2007 but has been writing mostly about whiskey since 2011. While he tastes a variety of whiskeys, Kravitz' blog is mostly Scotch focused. He does lots of reviews and has some great in depth stories. Recently, he posted a very detailed, three part economic analysis of the Scotch whisky boom.  But it's not all tables and graphs. Kravitz also does fun stuff like a comparison of the notoriously terrible black whiskeys: Loch Dhu and Cu Dhub.

Diving for Pearls is always a good read.  Check it out!


Josh Feldman said...

The Krav has been essentially reading for me for years. Great pick.

My Annoying Opinions said...

I denounce Michael Kravitz and his blog, It is well known that he is in fact a Diageo mole.

Michael Kravitz said...

Thank you, Sku!

MAO, that was supposed to be our secret. Now my buddy Dr. Nicholas Morgan will cut off my free supply of Haig. :( I'll have to give them my child just so that they'll keep using me as David Beckham's body double for the ads.

Florin said...

I was wondering when you were going to finally do this, Sku.

Michael, I never suspected that under the thick layer of fur you are hiding some splendid, colorful arm tats!