Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Colorado Whiskey Comes to California

When I recently reviewed American single malts, Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey was the best of the four I tasted. At the time, Stranahan's wasn't available in California, but last weekend, I saw a bottle at Wine & Liquor Depot in Van Nuys. Now, I don't know that Stranahan's is worth the $50.00 (approx.) price tag, but if you are curious about American single malts, you can't do much better.

Wine & Liquor Depot
Saticoy, west of Balboa, Van Nuys

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Eric B said...

Did you pick some up? I had the pleasure of grabbing some last week on a trip to CO. I went and bought another before I got on the plane. Brecking Ridge Brewery also served me one of the finest IPA's I ever had.