Thursday, August 2, 2007

Square One, Take Two

Okay, so I know I just wrote up Square One last week, but I just had a dish there that I must report on.

The open face skirt steak sandwich is a tender pile of marinated skirt steak, order it rare, topped with Gorgonzola cheese and hollandaise sauce, on a bed of caramelized shallots placed on single piece of bread. The heart-stopping tastiness of this dish is hard to put into words. Rich? Sure, but delicious. I mean it's got all the food groups: Steak, cheese, hollandaise, onions. The combination of these strong flavors is poignant, to say the least. You think it will be too much, and maybe it is, but if so, it's too much of a very, very good thing. And besides, what isn't better topped with hollandaise?

Get it:
Open-Faced Skirt Steak Sandwich
at Square One
4854 Fountain Avenue
(between Normandie and Vermont)

1 comment:

Tanaka, Ken said...

Yeah, admittedly it's a little rich, but oh so Yummy.