Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whiskey Wednesday Prelude: Octomore in LA

If you're a whiskey geek and particularly a peat head, you have no doubt been waiting for the arrival of Bruichladdich's new Octomore, famously touted as the peatiest Scotch ever made. I haven't seen it on any shelves in LA yet, but K&L Wines carries it in their Bay Area stores, and you can order it on-line either for home delivery or to be picked up at the Hollywood store. Unfortunately, the price tag on this five year old is a gasp inducing $200, but it's going fast, so if you want some, order right away.

Expect my review in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE: Alas, it appears that K&L is now out of stock. We will keep our eyes out and let you know when new Octomores are found in the LA area.

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