Thursday, April 1, 2010

(W)hiskey Thursd(a)y: Whisk(e)y of the Year - The Macallan Ridiculique

Welcome to the first edition of Sku's Whisk(e)y Awards! In an effort to help our readers select from the best whisk(i)e(y)s, we will be giving an annual award to the best whis(k)ey of the year, chosen from among all of the free samples we have received, because remember, the best whiskey is the one you didn't have to pay for.

And this year's winner is: The Macallan Ridiculique!

The Macallan Ridiculique is an 80 year old Macallan presented in a beautiful crystal decanter, hand blown by trained monkeys. Macallan Ridiculique is cask strength at 44% abv and non-chill filtered. It uses only vintage caramel colo(u)ring.

The world's rarest whisky, the sole Macallan Ridiculique in existence was sold for an undisclosed sum to an anonymous petroleum tycoon, but I was lucky enough to get a sample.


The Macallan Ridiculique has a lovely nose of exclusivity and elitism, followed up with a flavor of self-promotion, self-satisfaction and speculation. The finish though, is tinged with regret, decreased expectations and a solemnity that borders on melancholy.

Sku rating: 10 million!

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