Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whiskey Wednesday: The Newest Bourbon Blog

I always appreciate when a fellow bourbon lover starts a blog, even if they still have a thing or two to learn. In that spirit, please check out the brand new and extremely enjoyable Straight Bourbon Blog, where you will find such nifty factoids as the following:

  • Only whiskey produced in the Bourbon County can be called Straight Bourbon

  • Straight Bourbon can be made outside of Bourbon County but it can only be called Blended Bourbon

  • All straight bourbon (this is essential) must be distillated in pot stills!

  • George Dickel calls their rickhouses dickhouses

  • Old Grand Dad is an example of a Tennesian Whiskey

Well, like I said, the writer still has a bit to learn about bourbon, but it's an enjoyable read just the same.

1 comment:

Regular Chumpington said...

This site is a joke, right?

My head exploded early, with the claim that an apache instance couldn't handle sustained 0.05 hits/second traffic. Didn't really get as far as the bourbon.