Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Click with Clix

A few months ago, I encouraged whiskey fans to celebrate Clix Vodka because the overpriced vodka from Buffalo Trace will hopefully subsidize the price of our precious bourbons and ryes. But then I began to wonder how a vodka of this sort would taste.

Most whiskey is distilled twice, three times at most. Vodka is often distilled many more times, and Clix vodka is distilled 159 times! More distillations has to be better, doesn't it? At $300 it's certainly more expensive than any of Buffalo Trace's whiskeys, and hopefully, it will stay that way. Now keep in mind that I don't drink vodka and don't really like it, but then again, who does?

Clix Vodka, distilled from rye, corn, wheat and malted barley, 40% abv ($300)

The nose is slightly white doggy. It tastes like corn whiskey with a lot of water added, then it just gets foul. The finish is like nail polish remover fumes. Hey, I thought this was supposed to have no distinctive character, aroma, taste or color.

Summary: It's not just terrible, it's $300 terrible!


Tim Read said...

I'll have you know that vodka drinkers normally pay $500 for that nail polish remover fume finish. CLIX is a bargain!

Anonymous said...

Pshh... nothing snow cone syrup concentrate and 3M vapor respirators can't fix.

Oliver Klimek said...

Distilled 159 times? First I thought that was a post originally scheduled for 1st of April, but the news actually seems to have been around for a while. I guess they used a rectification column with 159 plates or something like that. 159 single runs would be even more ridiculous. I don't think this concoction would turn me into a vodka fan.

sku said...

Oliver, I guess sometimes reality is even more foolish than April Fool's.

sam k said...

Yikes! I sort of expected it would be a decent product at that price point. I wonder if they're not concerned about their reputation with the high-end vodka crowd.

Let's see, for the same $300 I can get 15 bottles of Wild Turkey rye or 17 bottles of Weller Reserve!

You didn't actually BUY a bottle, did you?

sku said...

You didn't actually BUY a bottle, did you?

Oh hell no. I'd just as soon throw money out the window. A kind soul (or someone with a grudge against me) gave me a sample.

NP said...

Sku, we are not judging you here.

As a whiskey geek, you saw Clix's press release and could not resist. And that's totally fine.

No one will ever hold against you having purchased the entire Californian Clix inventory.
The recorded conversation with the sales associate to whom you say, quote: "Clix is mine. I want it. I take it all" will never be released to the public.

It is obvious that you secretly liked this juice.
Again, that's ok.

mrviognier said...

But just LOOK at the beautiful bottle and box that it comes in! ;-)

sku said...

NP, you got me. I've cornered the market and plan to flip it on ebay for $600 per bottle.

SinoSoul said...

Obviously you're just sad cuz your vodka is only 1/30th as expensive as Jessica's Stoli.