Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mothers Deserve a Drink Part II

A few weeks ago I introduced my Mothers Deserve a Drink campaign, asking whiskey bloggers and companies, who always seem to make Father's Day whiskey recommendations, to make some for Mother's Day. Well, it didn't get a huge response. In fact, one company, 375 Park Avenue Spirits, even sent out a Father's Day email last week with no mention of Mother's Day at all. Who told these knuckleheads that ignoring a huge chunk of the population was good business?

But one blog took up the challenge and then some. The blogger at One-Line Whiskey, who happens to be a mother, printed a four part series (starting here) with dozens of great recommendations of all types of whiskey - Scotch, bourbon, Irish, crafts, you name it. The descriptions are pithy and fun so it's a good read too. For instance, she thinks Jefferson's Reserve smells like "candied ashtray" but the flavors make up for it. Balcones Baby Blue "tastes like summers on the front porch watching the kids play in the sprinklers."

So thanks to One-Line for taking on the challenge and Happy Mother's Day!

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