Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Summer Joy of an Aperol Spritz

Last summer I visited Italy, and by my calculation, on a summer evening in Venice, ninety-nine percent of people are drinking an Aperol Spritz. That's when I got hooked. There's something wonderful about the simple, refreshing combination of Aperol (an orange flavored Italian amaro), Prosecco (or any dry white wine) and a splash of seltzer. It's not complex or intellectual. There are no flavor subtleties, but it energizes you after a long, hot day and gets you in the proper mood for dinner. Yes, Campari and Cynar are great as well, but I always come back to Aperol for my spritzes.

Like Rice Crispy Treats or Toll House Cookies, the recipe is right on the label, but even if it wasn't, as long as you know the ingredients, you'll do fine. The proportions need not be exact, the wine need not be anything at all fancy (I use Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Treviso - available at Trader Joe's for $8), and no garnish is necessary, though I go with the large Spanish olive and lemon rind that I got used to in Venice.

The Aperol Spritz, it's one of the reasons to look forward to summer.


Anonymous said...

That brings back good memories. I thought why the hell are all these people drinking the same thing. After walking all over the place In 95 degree weather, you catch on real quick. This would be a good drink to revive this summer. Thanks!

Rohan said...

I've become partial to chilled Cocchi Americano with a twist of lemon for my summer afternoons. I'll have to give an Aperol spritz another try.