Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Michel Couvreur Blossoming Auld Sherry Malt

I've been a big fan of Michel Couvreur's blended malts. Now, K&L is carrying a sherried single malt from Couvreur. The new Michel Couvreur Blossoming Auld Sherry Malt is a single cask aged in a 70 year old sherry cask. It is from an undisclosed Scotch distillery. There is no age statement but K&L tells me it was distilled in 2001 and bottled this year.

Michel Couvreur Blossoming Auld Sherry Malt, 45% abv ($220)

This has a beautiful, old sherry nose with some fruit. The palate is sweet, fruity sherry with just a touch of sulfur at the end. It drinks strong for the proof. The finish has sherry and light sulfur notes.

This is a very well composed, classic sherry malt. Great stuff!


Keith said...

Hi, Sku.
So... Is it worth the $219 K&L charges? I looked at the 27 year but at $699 I have a hard time thinking I'll get bang for the buck. What are your thoughts?

sku said...

That's a tough one Keith. It's quite good, but it's also very pricey. That's just the reality of Couvreur, but it can be hard to justify when you can get a Glenfarclas 17 for less than half the price.

Keith said...

It seems like not that long ago I was buying Port Ellen 30 Y old at around $300. For $219 I'd expect something pretty great - like a Charbay or the Kavalan Solist. Would you buy a bottle for yourself?

sku said...

I've never been disappointed by a Couvreur product, and I thought this one was very tasty and drinkable, a strong sherried malt. Will it blow your mind like a Port Ellen? Probably not, but good luck trying to find a 30 year old Port Ellen for under four figures these days.

sku said...

I should add to that my general policy these days (especially for people who were in the market ten years ago) is that if you're thinking something is too expensive, you should probably skip.