Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The State of American Whiskey Distilleries 2017

Each March I review the state of craft whiskey per my Complete List of American Whiskey Distilleries and Brands.  As of today, the list shows 803 American distilleries making whiskey, up from 683 last year. Here's the number for each year since I started doing the count (I didn't do counts in 2010 and 2011):

2009: 44
2012: 129
2013: 190
2014: 325
2015: 517
2016: 683
2017: 803

New York continues to lead the pack with 70 distilleries making whiskey (up from 53 last year), followed by Washington (58), California (51), Colorado (46), Pennsylvania (36), Texas (36) and Kentucky (35).

And be sure to check out this month's issue of Imbibe Magazine which focuses on whiskey and has a two page spread, including a color coded map, based on my whiskey list (only available in hard copy).


Sam Komlenic said...

Update, Sku. Pennsylvania lost Griffin Method late last year. Didn't have the capital for the long haul.

Thanks for your efforts on this list. It's more comprehensive than anything I've seen.

Unknown said...

Damn man, why in the world would you open a distillery these days?! There is going to be SUCH a flood of product over the next many years, and I totally get now why Driscoll wrote that blog post about there being a glut of "craft" whisky on the market.

It's like in the first class of law school where the professor says "look to your left, and then look to tour right; one of those two will not be making it to the next year."

Anonymous said...

And they all taste the same.