Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Whiskey You Can Buy: Michter's Rye

As part of my effort to try more available and affordable whiskeys, today I'm trying Michter's Single Barrel Straight Rye, a sourced rye from the standard Michter's US*1 line.

Michter's US*1 Straight Rye, 3 years old, Barrel 16D581, 42.4% abv ($40)

The nose has soft minty notes. The mint comes on strong on the palate followed by sweet notes, creating a sweet mint tea type of flavor and closes with some acid. The finish tastes like breath mints.

All of this mint makes me think this is an MGP rye. The source isn't listed (nor is the state in contrast to the Michter's barrel proof rye which specifically states that it is Kentucky Straight Rye). Of course, this is a single barrel whiskey, so different barrels could be sourced from different distilleries.   

This is sweet and low proof; It's inoffensive and easy to drink, but not particularly interesting. If you have a sweet tooth - and like mint, it might be for you.

UPDATE: Michter's contacted me to let me know that the Michter's Straight Rye is a Kentucky rye. 

Thanks to Reid Bechtle for the sample and photo. 


BMc said...

I can't keep this stuff straight - doesn't the following I found on the TTB website mean that this junk has to be distilled in KY (assuming there's a KY address on the label)?

TTB Rev Ruling 54-416
Section 35(e) of Regulations No. 5 provides that labels of whisky and straight whisky shall disclose the State of distillation of such whisky, if such whisky is not distilled in the State given in the address on the label. This section further provides that the brand label shall show the State of distillation in all cases where the Assistant Regional Commissioner finds that without such statement the label is misleading as to the State of actual distillation.

Anonymous said...

I don't give money to reptiles so no Michter's for me, even if it's good

sku said...

BMc, yes you are correct, but that regulation seems to be pretty much completely unenforced.

Colin said...

There's a local store here with one of these rye's from 2007 (based on the neck code/handwriting). Do you think they were using a different source for their rye at that point?

Angry Liquor Guy said...
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Sam Komlenic said...

I also have a hard time believing Michter's is releasing a 3 year old whiskey. They have pretty high standards and I'd be surprised if they're putting out young whiskey.

Does the label actually state the age? Thanks!

sku said...

Sam, yes it is age stated. The back label says "at least thirty-six months."

Sam Komlenic said...

Interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time poster. Love your stuff.

To me mint is the hallmark of Heaven Hill, at least in bourbons (maybe less so in their rye, now that I think of it). Something that seems to have survived the migration of distilleries in the late '90s, even.

MGP rye's defining note for me is often dill (or "pickle juice", as a friend describes it). I haven't zeroed in on one for their bourbon(s?).

Many thanks for traversing the affordable, accessible side of things - a great public service!