Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Big Doughnut in the Sky: Randy's Donuts

You've seen it a million times. Perched on the northwest corner of Manchester and La Cienega, there lies the big doughnut that beckons all comers to Randy's Donuts. This 24 hour doughnut stand with a drive-thru window is a celebrity in its own right, having made cameos in any number of movies and television shows, and no early morning trip to LAX is complete without paying tribute to the giant doughnut.

The plain, raised glazed doughnut (my favorite type, as you know if you've read my doughnut reviews) is Randy's best offering. A flattish, disc like doughnut, it is light, with a nice yeasty flavor. It is nicely glazed and is not overly sweet. It may not rise to the level (no pun intended) of the glazed beauties at Stan's in Westwood or the airy lightness of Bob's at the Farmers Market, but it comes in a close third.

Randy's Donuts
805 West Manchester Avenue
Inglewood CA 90301
(310) 645-4707


Bon Vivant said...

A good simple doughnut is a way of life. I don't know how so many places can screw up a doughnut but they do.

Bon Vivant said...

Thanks for the rec re the cannele at LAMILL. I went this morning and I ordered a cannele to knosh on while I was waiting for my eggs. It was truly delicious!