Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shrinkage at Lucky Devil's

I've always been a big fan of Lucky Devil's, the new American cafe on Hollywood Boulevard, but lately, there have been some unfortunate developments involving shrinkage.

First the fries shrank. LD's makes great fries...dark, crispy sticks embedded with big crystals of salt. A few months ago, they switched to smaller and fancier dishes. With those smaller dishes came a smaller serving of fries with your burger. Disappointing, but I could deal.

But now they have done something unforgivable. They have toyed with the toasted pecan shake. The shake is probably LD's most beloved dish; it certainly is by me. It used to come in a big, metal shake glass, stuffed full of custard and a huge mound of whipped cream. It was truly a thing to behold.

This weekend, however, I ordered my shake and was horrified to receive a tiny little shake glass. It was the same shake, but the glass must have been half the serving of the old one...and at the same price. This is a sad development. LD's always seemed like a place that cared for a respected the customer, and now this.

LD's doesn't include an email address on their website, thereby preventing us from barraging them with emails, but if you are an LD's patron, or a believer in all things good in the world, then on your next trip, make it known that you are opposed to shrinkage and demand the return of the full-sized shake!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of LD's plain fries, and I definitely wasn't delighted to pay like $4 for them and then get a measly portion (hehe, I'm complaining about getting a measly portion of something I didn't even like). Next time I go I'm eating my burger sans fries.

The shakes people ordered when I was last there (was it in January?) still came in tall metal milkshake containers, though.