Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hat's Off to TiGeorge

Week after week, writing about the wonderful bounty of foods of all flavors and styles that are available to Southern California, it's easy to pass over the news that food is becoming a scarce commodity in much of the world. As global food prices rise, riots have broken out in much of the impoverished world as people wonder where the next meal will come from.

Given all of this, it's heartening to read about food service professionals such as George Laguerre, proprietor of the wonderful TiGeorge's Chicken, which may be LA's only Haitian restaurant. Wedensday's LA Times ran a feature on Laguerre in the Food Section.

The story told of his inspiring life but also about how he is giving back. Laguerre has started a program to ship propane burners to people in Haiti, which allow people to cook without the use of wood, which causes deforestation.

So stop by TiGeorge's for one of the excellent veggie plates and give your support to someone who's doing more than cooking great food.

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