Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whiskey Wednesday: Born in the USA Part 7 - Rock Hill Farms

In Episode 7 of our ten part series of American whiskey tastings, we visit yet another offering from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. (I promise the remaining tastings will not be Buffalo Trace whiskies). Rock Hill Farms is a much loved single barrel Bourbon featuring that other pride of Kentucky, horses, on the label. (Thanks to my daughter for use of her horse for our photo).


Rock Hill Farms, Single Barrel Bourbon (Buffalo Trace), 50% alcohol ($34.95).

This is a nice, very drinkable Bourbon. It has a good Bourbon flavor, fairly sweet, overall a very straightforward drink. I can't say, though, that it excites me as much as it has some others. I find it too sweet, with the alcohol coming too much to the fore and masking any complexities. There's not much in the way of wood here and not much subtlety, though I do get the tiniest bit of smoke on the finish.

It's definitely not in the same league as Pappy or Parker's, which I reviewed earlier this series, but at about half the price of those bottles, it's certainly a good buy.

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