Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Chanukah!

I love Chanukah and all of it's oil-soaked glory. What could be better than a holiday in which you are practically required to cook fried foods? The fact that it has a cheese tie in is just gravy.

I love cooking the Chanukah meal and use my well-tested recipes for latkes (with homemade apple sauce) and noodles kugel.

For the second year, I've also tried some doughnuts. Last year, I did little cake doughnuts. This year's batch were glazed yeast doughnuts, but the yeast didn't really do its thing, so they were a bit dense but still tasty.

When Chanukah is this close to Christmas, it's a real hardship for the bi-religious home cook, so soon I'll be mixing up eggnog. We will do traditional Jewish Christmas Eve at a Chinese restaurant (I'll report back) and then I'll be cooking Christmas dinner.

Happy holidays!

Whiskey Wednesday will be back for the new year.


Dr. Whisky said...

Heh... traditional Jewish Xmas at a Chinese restaurant. Happy Merry everything from one bi-religious whisky nerd to another.

sku said...

Thanks Doc, Happy Holidays to you too, and thanks for your holiday recommendations post. Based on your rec, I finally decided to ask a loved one for a SMWA membership...should be fun.