Wednesday, February 4, 2009

St. George Drinking Chocolate

Now, I love whiskey and I love chocolate, so when Recchiuti Chocolates suggested a hot chocolate with St. George single malt whiskey, I was all over it.

Recchiuti is a San Francisco based chocolatier, widely credited with introducing the now ubiquitous salted caramel to the US, and also a maker of wonderful homemade marshmallows and other candies. As you may recall from my review of American single malts, St. George is single malt whiskey made by St. George spirits, just across the Bay from Recchiuti, in Alameda, California. Now, as a malt whiskey, St. George was a bit too fruity for me, but as a hot chocolate additive, I thought it just might work.

So, I whipped up a batch of my drinking chocolate, using Valrhona chocolate, added a shot of St. George and topped it off with on of the excellent vanilla marshmallows from BonBon Bars.

Sounds heavenly, right? It was good but a bit too rich. Partly, my hot chocolate is super-duper hot chocolate. The super chocolatyness and the whiskey was a bit overpowering, though the whiskey's fruit flavor did do well with the strong, dark chocolate component. If I do it again, I'd probably add a bit more milk to cut the chocolate strength, which should make it just right for a cool winter's day.

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