Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Complete List of American Whiskey Distilleries & Brands

PLEASE NOTE: This list has moved. Click here for your up to date list of all American whiskey distilleries and brands.


augustgarage said...

Great post Sku. I've been trying to keep most of this info in my head when I go to the store, but it is so useful to see it all typed out.

Templeton Rye said...

Thanks for including us in your list of American Whiskey Distilleries, Sku. Here is some more information on the Templeton Rye production process: http://tinyurl.com/r5crbe.


The Templeton Rye Team

John Q. said...

Very informative and a great help.
Nice job!

Crash said...

Shudder if you will at the name "Kentucky Bourbon Distillers", but they are, in fact, going to have distilling facilities. I've visited there, and their distillery is under construction and looks to be not far from completion. They will be distilling and filling their existing rickhouses with their own barrels. There is nothing deceptive in their name.

sku said...

Crash, thanks for your comments. KBD has been sitting on the old Willett distillery for a while and I'm glad to hear that they are planning to actually distill there (though I've been hearing this for a while).

However, the fact remains that this "distillery" does not distill a single drop of the whiskey they sell. As such, this strikes me as deceptive. If they wanted to be open, they could simply identify themselves as a non-distiller bottler of these whiskies.

Instead, their website combines pictures of the distillery with descriptions of their whiskies without a disclosure anywhere that those whiskies are not made at that distillery. By doing so, they are inviting the implication that they have a distillery that makes these whiskies.

This increases the general confusion over where whiskies are made and how many distilleries there are which is one of the reasons I started this list.

That being said, I removed the comment in question as it was editorializing on a list that I intended to be a neutral statement of facts, but that doesn't change how I feel about it.

Erik Huntoon said...

Great list Sku! I am bookmarking this for a lot of future reference!

Merry Beth Roland said...

We're so flattered you took notice of our small micro-distillery located in Pembroke, Kentucky. We not only have White Dog & Black Dog (unaged corn whiskies), we have recently added our White Rum (unaged) and True Kentucky Shine (yes, a real shine recipe, but smoothed out in our copper pot still). We are soon to have spiced rum, some flavored "shines" and of course, aged whiskies to include a bourbon. While our location is in the vicinity of St. Elmo, Kentucky, our actual distillery is named MB Roland Distillery. Feel free to visit our website at www.mbrdistillery.com. You're more than welcome to visit, taste & tour in person!

sku said...

Thanks for your note Ms. Roland. I always enjoy hearing from the distillers.

Scott said...

Wow, thanks for the mention, Sku! Just stumbled upon your site and love the thorough treatment of distilleries around the country.

If you're ever in Virginia, please stop by for a tasting or tour.

Scott @ Catoctin Creek

Lee said...

This is a fantastic list with great information. I would like to present myself and hope you will share my distillery and passion.
I have built Valley Spirits in Modesto, CA. A Micro Distillery currently making Cold House Vodka by hand in small batches. I am working on Moonshine which will be labeled "Moonshine Bandits Outlaw Moonshine" and available January 2011. Next year I plan to start aging whiskey and release when it is ready under the Cold House label.


Unknown said...

Great info page.

I will use this as check list for for completing the next content update for WhiskyCompanion for Android with American whiskey.


sam k said...

Sku, Pennsylvania now has three distilleries making whiskey. Long time gin and vodka producer Philadelphia Distilling now maxes Shine XXX unaged corn.

The two new rye distillers (Pennsylvania rye is back!!!) include Dad's Hat (http://dadshatrye.com/) in Bucks County, the first rye distillery in PA in more than 20 years. They are laying down Monongahela-style rye for aging in quarter barrels from the get-go as well as offering white rye.

The other is Wigle Whiskey in Pittsburgh's Strip District, making wheated rye and straight wheat whiskeys. They just started distilling a few weeks ago. http://wiglewhiskey.com/index.php

sku said...

Thanks Sam.

FYI, I don't update this post anymore. I moved the whole list to a new page: http://recenteats.blogspot.com/p/complete-list-of-american-whiskey.html

I had Dad's Hat and Philadelphia but not Wigle, so I'll add that.

Is Dad's Hat for sale or just in the works?


Anonymous said...

I have a old bottle of Eleven Summers Old Whiskey does anyone know when it was produced it has a wooden top on the bottle

sku said...

Anon, if you email me a picture with clear shots of the label (front and back) and tax stamp if there is one, I'll see what I can tell you.

Florin said...

Sku, I just ran into a whiskey at Binny's that I didn't find on your list: Alaskan Outlaw whiskey, produced by Alaska Distillery, Wasilla, AK. I can't tell whether they distill the whiskey themselves or they source it. They do distill several kinds of vodka. This may ramp up your number of distillieries and distilling states. Take that, Scotland!

sku said...

Thanks Florin. I always appreciate when people let me know about new distilleries. I added it to the list with the info I was able to find on-line and asked the distillery for additional information.

The whiskey appears to be made in Alaska and not sourced, but there is no indication anywhere of what grains are used.