Thursday, July 30, 2009

The One - A Guiltless Pleasure

In the constant struggle to eat well and be well, I sometimes daydream fantastical questions for myself. For instance, if you could pick any one food of which you could have as much as you wanted without gaining weight or otherwise having ill effects, what would it be?

At first, my mind turns to luxuries, like foie gras or sweet breads, but the truth is, I don't eat those foods very often, so how much joy would I really be giving myself. Then I think about three of my greatest food loves: chocolate, cheese and doughnuts. Each of these though, has its limits. How often can I eat them, okay maybe a lot, but would eating them in quantities take away from their specialness, make them drab and monotonous.

Then I think of milkshakes. I rarely drink milkshakes (well, rarely compared to other treats), but if I could, I would easily do so daily. They go down so smoothly and offer such variety. A taro shake from Fosselman's, a Beam and Mint shake from Scoops, a traditional vanilla from Fred 62, frozen custard, malts, throw in a liquado or batido for good measure; the possibilities are endless. Ah yes, a milkshake a day, that would be dreamy.

What would be The One for you?


oddlyme said...

French fries.

French fries and chocolate cake WITH frosting.

(Not together, you understand but oh, to be able to eat those things will-nilly. Yearning Sigh. )

sku said...

French fries is a good one that hadn't crossed my mind. So many good fries, Belgian frites, cheese fries, cheese and chili fries, animal style fries...the list goes on.