Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goaty Goodness from Paris Caramels

Summer is a tough time for candy. I love chocolate, but as the days swelter on, anything remotely meltable will turn into sludge within minutes of landing in my un-air conditioned house (if it hasn't melted on the way). You can kiss chocolate goodbye.

In the heat of summer, I'm thankful for caramel. It's seemingly indestructible. The warmth just makes it deliciously soft, like an epoisse at room temperature.

My latest great caramel score came form Surfas. Goat milk and roasted buckwheat caramels, a French import by Paris Caramels, come in a small wooden box with a green goat stamped on the top. The caramels, in traditional, wrapped cubes, are a French version of cajeta, with its distinct sweet, goaty flavor. The caramels are made not just with goat milk but with goat butter as well. The addition of the buckwheat kernels doesn't appear to impact the flavor but gives the candy a satisfying texture and crunch, and it holds the caramel together in a way that makes it less sticky in your mouth.

So if your hankerin' for some summer candy, give these a try. They melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

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