Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whiskey Wednesday: Budget Booze - Ancient Age

Continuing our series of whiskies in the $10 range, we move to Frankfort, Kentucky where the distillery now known as Buffalo Trace used to be the Ancient Age distillery. Even with the name change, Buffalo Trace still produces the old namesake Ancient Age, a three year old Bourbon in the $10 range. There is also a ten year old version, known as Ancient Ancient Age, but it is only marketed in and around Kentucky.


Ancient Age Bourbon, 3 years old, (distilled by Buffalo Trace) 40% alcohol ($10-$12).

This Bourbon has a soft nose with some juniper and rye spice. Lots of rye early in the palate, then lots of sweetness as the rye recedes, but a nice spicy finish. The flavor profile is similar, though somewhat sweeter than the standard Buffalo Trace label Bourbon with its prominent rye notes.

This is another fine budget whiskey in the $10 range.

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Adair said...

This is a beloved old brand that is becoming increasingly hard to obtain. I wish Buffalo Trace would re-invest in it (as well as in its Old Charter brand). The 10-year Ancient Ancient Age is a truly great bourbon but sadly discontinued. I have never found a bottle of the Ancient Age yellow label 90 proof, but it must be delicious. The Ancient Ancient Age 10-star is confusing---it is really 6 year old bourbon but many mistake it for the 10 year. I love the whole Ancient Age line.