Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Jewish Christmas

For traditional Jewish Christmas Eve dinner, we always hit something Asian. In the last few years we've done Beijing duck at the old Lu Din Gee, seven courses of beef at Vietnam Restaurant and a seafood extravaganza at Sea Harbor.

Any suggestions for a festive Asian feast for this year?

Merry Christmas!


oddlyme said...

Okay you are on the mark - for the "chosen" people, it needs to be something asian, preferably chinese for the night before or day of.

At my house, we split the difference. Xmas eve is shellfish, usually crab. Which we've discovered is an italian tradition but one we thought we'd created. (Oops!)

Xmas day? Dim Sum in Rowland Heights. You can do Monterey Park as well, we've just found a place we love in RH. Order enough that you have leftovers for dinner or breakfast the next day and you have a great holiday meal, way better than the buffets...

Chuck Cowdery said...

The way I heard it, Jews in New York and probably other eastern cities always went to the local Chinatown on Christmas Eve and Christmas because those were the only restaurants that were open.

sku said...

Exactly Chuck. Jews and Chinese were the only ones not celebrating Christmas, so the tradition was born. I'm thinking of doing one of our Taiwanese or Shanghainese places this year.

xtn said...

Being half-Greek and half-Jewish I have alternated each year. One year regular Christmas, the next year Kung-Pao or Jewish Christmas. My husband is also half-Greek and half-Jewish. So we will carry on the tradition together. The places you suggested are all great. I am sure you will have a great time and meal wherever you go.

Take care and love your blog. Cheers!

-Christienne Miggas