Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whiskey Wednesday: Storage is Overrated

Many whiskey lovers have elaborate shrines to display their wares. They often refer to their collections as the "bunker," which has a rustic connotation, but if you surf on-line whiskey forums, you will see pictures of beautiful, antique, polished wood cabinets, custom-made closets with special lighting and temperature control, wine-like cellars and caves and other special storage devices.

Not for me. I squirrel away the whiskey wherever it will fit, which tends to mean that any drawer or cabinet you open will include a bottle or two. The above picture is my main storage area, my bedroom closet. As you can see, while my collection is largely mixed in among clothes and shoes, I do have a vicious animal guarding the stash.

And this is a utility cabinet, including light bulbs, plastic wrap, cat food, and yes, whiskey. I guess I fall more on the utilitarian side of the whiskey storage spectrum, though I do have an unused closet space...hmmmm. How about you?

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