Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whiskey Wednesday: Breaking News - Malt Advocate Blog Wins Malt Advocate Award

In a move so self congratulatory that it would make even a reality television star blush, John Hansell's blog has announced that Malt Advocate's award for Pioneer of the Year goes to: whisky bloggers. That's right folks. Apparently, one of the preeminent whisky blogs in the country thinks that it is so pioneering that it is worthy of a special award. And as any resourceful blogger will tell you, if you can't find an award to win, make one up.

In the way of an acceptance speech to this award which he has given himself, Hansell says:

I view my own blog as a “living, breathing” version of Malt Advocate. In my mind, it is a magazine—one that complements the hard-copy version. I think whisky blogging is evolving into its own form of publishing. Its value is only going to increase, but it’s already indispensable if you are a true whisky enthusiast.

And he'd like to thank the Academy, God and his mother as well. The award was immediately praised by all of the bloggers who inhabit the comments section of the blog.

Now don't get me wrong; I'm a fan of Hansell's blog. In fact, there is probably no better source for breaking whisky news on the web or for reviews of new releases. And the comment section, mostly inhabited by lesser whisky bloggers such as myself, is home to some spirited spirits debate, but the award still strikes me as a bit self-serving. And throwing the rest of us small fish in the award by making it applicable to all bloggers, while certainly a crowd pleaser, doesn't alter the fact that John's blog, along with maybe two or three others, is really the biggest fish in the whisky blogging world, so awarding whisky bloggers really awards himself.

What's next? John gives Malt Advocate the award for Best Magazine of the Year?


John Hansell said...

The purpose of this award was to validate all the passionate whisky bloggers who are providing a benefit to whisky enthusiasts, such as yourself, many of whom are not getting legitimate recognition by the masses which they deserve. I already have that recognition. This award was not intended for me.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am not egotistical. I'm sorry that you saw it in a different light. And I am very saddened by what you said.

sku said...

Ah, was I too harsh? I do tend toward the biting sarcasm. I appreciate the gesture to we the little bloggers; I just read the award as so much blogger self-congratulation, and bloggers writing about how great and important blogging is gets on my nerves (as does the growing culture of whiskey awards - it seems that bloggers love nothing more than giving awards).

Please note that I sang high praises of your blog, of which I am a regular reader and upon which I am an occasional commenter, even if I don't always agree with your perspective.