Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whiskey Wednesday: Two New Whiskey Sites

There are two new whiskey blogs out there that fill gaps in our whiskey blogosphere, hard as it is to believe that there are any gaps in the whiskey blogosphere. Both of them are thorough and full of interesting information, and they both have very nice graphics and design (unlike some blogs). is a new blog focusing on that most neglected of whiskies. It's run by Canadian Malt Maniac Davin de Kergommeaux. He's already got a number of reviews and news items up on the site, including a piece about the newly released WhistlePig Rye. I'm glad to see a site fully dedicated to Canadian Whisky, now if only they would ship more of the good stuff south of the border. is the first non-industry blog that I know of to focus exclusively on the new American microdistillery movement. I've written a number of pieces on micros (and will have a new, purposefully inflammatory one out next week) so I'm interested in the movement and am glad to see a blog specializing in it. Run by Matthew Colglazier of Bloomington, Indiana, the site includes reviews, videos, distillery profiles and interviews.

In a time when it seems that practically everyone who has access to a computer and a bottle of Glenfiddich has a whiskey blog, it's great to see two whiskey lovers put so much effort into blogs that serve a real purpose for the whiskey community. These are both going on my favorites list. Check 'em out!


Davin said...

Thanks very much for your support Sku!
Next time you visit the site you'll find a link to your recent eats.

sku said...

Thank you Davin for starting the site! I look forward to learning a lot more about Canadian Whiskies.

Matthew Colglazier said...

Thanks Sku -- much appreciated. Next time I'm in LA, we'll get a drink.