Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whiskey Wednesday: Glimmering Glencairn Glasses

When tasting whiskey, like many whiskey fans, I use the Glencairn glass. Designed specifically for whiskey, the Glencairn glass has a tulip shape which concentrates aromas; it's narrower and has a sturdier base than a brandy snifter. It's a great glass and an easy one to hold, smell and taste with.

There is no better place to buy Glencairn glasses on-line then Cobhthaigh Celtique. Marty and Dave Coffey are huge Celti-philes and have traveled and photographed extensively in Scotland and Ireland. Their website offers music, shirts, artwork and other Celtic themed merchandise, but for whiskey fans, it's all about the glasses.

The Coffeys offer one glass for a bargain price of $8.00 with discounts for orders of multiple glasses. A set of four glasses costs $29. Other sites sell the same glasses for as much as $16 per glass. For just a few dollars more, they also sell etched glasses with a number of designs and will do custom etchings (see my "sku" glasses above).

The Coffeys are a pleasure to deal with and offer old-fashioned, personalized service. If you need some whiskey glasses, this is the place to go.

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Greg said...

Ever since acquiring a dozen Glencairn's from Scotland, I've used them exclusively. I just added another dozen (from Scotland) so I have plenty of tots around to share the whiskey.