Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vodka Vednesday: High West Peach Vodka 7000

Okay, it's not really Wednesday, but then again, this isn't whiskey. In the three plus years that I have had this blog, I don't think I've as much as mentioned vodka, and I've certainly never reviewed one. After all, vodka is, by law, odorless and flavorless; you might as well review rubbing alcohol. And flavored vodka is a travesty of chemistry. But High West Peach Vodka 7000 is different.

If you read my whiskey reviews, you know that the High West Distillery in Utah is one of my favorite blenders of rye whiskey. I recently attended a High West sponsored tasting of their whiskeys and, after going through their fabulous collection of ryes, the brand representative brought out their new peach vodka.

High West Peach Vodka 7000 is made with real peaches grown in Northern Utah. As such, it actually has a shelf life of about 90 days (from opening). Unlike most flavored vodkas, there is simply nothing artificial about this stuff. The nose screams fresh peaches. The flavor is like biting into a slightly sweetened peach. Since I had it at a whiskey tasting, I happily drank the stuff neat out of my whiskey glass. I'm sure a mixologist could do wonders with it, but the pure peach flavor made it a great drink on its own at room temperature.

Unfortunately, Peach Vodka 7000 isn't available in California yet, but you can get it at Binny's for $40 (plus shipping, of course). Check it out!


sam k said...

I love all things peaches AND High West whiskey. This is definitely on my short list. If only I didn't live in PA...

Anonymous said...

to sam k.... take a short trip to Columbia, Maryland and you will find it on bar.