Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whiskey Wednesday: Whiskey Weirdos Wallow in World's Worst Whiskeys

It is time again for the Whiskey Weirdos awards tastings. As most of you already know, Whiskey Weirdos is an international tasting group dedicated to finding the absolute worst whiskey in the world. After our extensive blind tastings, we average scores and group them into medal categories for Lead, Uranium and our vaunted Plutonium Medal. Aside from our medals, we give out specific awards, such as the Worst in Show, the Foulest New Make and the Daily Dreck award, for those of you who want to drink plonk but can't afford the more exclusive bottlings.

As usual, this year we are allowing each distillery to submit three bottles to the competition. I know there are some strong competitors out there and look forward to seeing what they have to offer. The award winners will be announced on-line and will be followed by the customary articles in the whiskey press.

Okay, okay, there are no Whiskey Weirdos, though there really should be, don't you think? But over the next few weeks, I will be tasting some of the worst whiskeys around. I've searched high and low for the dreckiest dreck, the plonkiest plonk I can find. And this won't be your simple bottom shelf Bourbon, Canadian handles or off-brand Blended Scotch; this will be only the rarest, most exclusive and most vile dreck! Dreck that is truly worthy of a Whiskey Weirdo!

Stay tuned!


Jason Pyle said...

Fun stuff, I can't wait to see it!


sam k said...

Same here...try Rogue Dead Guy and tell me it doesn't smell like poo!