Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whiskey Wednesday: The Evolution of a Whiskyfun Reader

How we learn to read our most beloved malt review website as our tasting experience grows:

Malt Experience: 1 year (six malts)

What's this? Whiskyfun? Why would I read this? The format sucks, there aren't any comments, I've never even heard of most of these distilleries, and it's filled with weird music reviews and these God-awful comics. I'm heading back to What Does John Know.

Malt Experience: 2 years (24 malts)

Hmm, searching for this "Brora" I read about on-line, I found a lot of reviews on this site; it must be really good stuff. I mean, this guy seems to know what he's talking about. Maybe I'll try to find some.

Malt Experience: 3 years (89 malts)

Hey, I tried that Tomatin. I finally tried something on Whiskyfun! Hmm, I must have missed the "faint dustiness in the background."

Malt Experience: 4 years (143 malts)

Oooh look, a 21 year old Brora on ebay! Never mind, Serge only gave it a 92.

Malt Experience: 5 years (263 malts)

Oh man [hilarious guffawing], Pete and Jack just nailed it.

Malt Experience: 8 years (1,654 malts)

Dear Johannes and Serge, please consider this my application for the Malt Maniacs. Enclosed is an 8,500 word epistle on the influence of sheep ticks on the distillation of Northeast Highland whisky in August, 1958. I thank you for your consideration.


Jason Pyle said...

I laughed out loud over this one. Hilarious stuff Steve!

Steffen said...

best blog post ever :-)

Davindek said...

Hilarious Sku, and currently doing its round of the Malt Maniacs who are equally amused.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, very funny, well done Sku!
Of course, at 27 years and 52,324 malts it's back to square one. Or Irn Bru.

Mark Gillespie said...

Well done, Sku!

sku said...

Thanks all. I'm glad it was enjoyed.

Oh, and Mark, your time will come. ;)

John Hansell said...

Very funny!