Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whisky Wednesday: Listing for Fun & Profit - My New Book

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of 18 American whiskeys that I recommend for newer whiskey drinkers. It occurred to me that, in my endless effort to monetize my blogging, this is the exact sort of thing that could turn into a book deal.

Think about it, here are just a few recently published whiskey books:

  • 99 Drams of Whiskey by Kate Hopkins

  • 101 Whiskies to Try Before you Die by Ian Buxton

  • Great Whiskies: 500 of the Best from Around the World, Charles MacLean, Ed.

  • The World's Best Whiskies: 750 Essential Drams from Tennessee to Tokyo by Dominic Roskrow

It would appear that all it takes to get a whiskey book deal is a penchant for list making, and I can make a list with the best of 'em, but I can do it bigger. To that end, I'm proud to introduce my new book. Here's the blurb:

13,765 Whiskeys You Should Try Right Now! by Sku

Internationally published whiskey blogger Sku pulls no punches when it comes to recommending whiskeys and separating the wheat from the proverbial chaff. In what is perhaps the most complete listing of recommended whiskeys, Sku painstakingly guides the reader through the 13,765 whiskies that every whiskey fan should try and includes an appendix listing the seven whiskeys that are not worth trying. Every other whiskey book is literally dwarfed by comparison.

Publishers are free to email me with inquiries or simply wire me signing bonuses. And, as a special gift to my readers, my 13,765th follower on Twitter will get 10% off the cover price!


sam k said...

Point taken. I thought damn near the same thing when I saw the 500 of the Best title a while back, and now there's a 750 Best volume?

Could there really be too many more than 750 worth tasting, let alone seeking out? I'm satisfied with my own (or your) short list, thank you very much!

Oliver Klimek said...

This makes my new "10 Essential Scotch Whiskies" look so puny.

I've read there is a new "1001 whiskies to try" book in the making. Your 13756 is danegerously close to the number of whiskies in the Malt Maniacs Monitor. I trust you won't just copy them ;-)

Regular Chumpington said...

I read the 750 book over the last couple months after receiving it as a gift. It's dangerously close to being more like the old Sears Wish Book than anything. Granted, with 750 whiskies to get through, how could you be as thorough as it merits? Hard to say.

There are some interesting things there but a lot of the time it seems like there was just a vertical of all expressions (eg a TON of Glenrothes, Bruichladdich, and if the whole Macallan range isn't in there then it's just missing one or two).

There are others where it seems like they were included as a favor because Roskrow spends ages talking about watching a soccer match where they played this one song on the PA and it was damp and windy outside, and his boy had just completed toilet training and, oh yes the whiskey... well, it's nice, if you like that sort of thing, all soft and jammy.

Anything more than top 10 doesn't force enough hard decisions to make a list interesting and/or debate-worthy.

Kate's book is a travelogue. It's not bad. It's definitely not cut out of the same cloth as Buxton's or Roskrow's (haven't seen MacLean's but I'd imagine it to be the same).

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one. Check http://sjoerd972.wordpress.com and also read the comments.

Dr. Whisky said...

Another great post, Sku. Oliver, size isn't everything.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous. I am pleased to announce that own 'interactive' whisk(e)y list book: "Your Must-Try Whiskies," has nearly reached fruition. It is a whisk(e)y book author's whisk(e)y book. Correction and condensation have been a breeze, but titling all those blank spiral notebooks by hand--with permanent marker--took serious commitment. It will, however, have been worth it for the legions of whisk(e)y aficianados whom are compulsive-reflective writers and insatiable list makers.