Friday, December 9, 2011

Post-Cognac Al Pastor: El Matador Taco Truck

What's the best place to get cheap eats after a night of Cognac
(or rum) at La Descarga, the rum bar on Western just south of the 101? The clear answer is the El Matador taco truck. Situated in the parking lot of mechanic on Western that advertises "Smog Transmission" just across the street from La Descarga, El Matador is recognizable for the line that forms every night after dark.

There's good reason that people line up, they've got the full menu of meats including sesos (cow brain) and buche (pork stomach). I went a bit more conventional and tried tacos with carnitas, al pastor, lengua and cabeza. All of these were very good, but the al pastor was a stand out. Heavily seasoned pork (not sure if they spit roast theirs in the traditional style) in nicely fried bits with plenty of crunch along with the satisfying spice. Really addictive stuff.

I may go out late just as an excuse to eat here again. And with four tacos for five bucks, you can't afford not to go.

Tacos El Matador Truck (nights)
1174 N. Western Ave (@ Lexington)
Los Angeles, CA


Regular Chumpington said...

Looks great. I will have to hunt this down. What was your impression of the lengua? I'm a sucker for a well made lengua taco.

Also, what was the texture on the carnitas? I assume it'd be more toward the dry side of things?

sku said...

RC, the lengua was good but not exceptional. The carnitas were quite good and pretty moist actually. The al pastor, though was far and above the best of the lot.

Regular Chumpington said...

You said the magic word in regards to carnitas. Too many dry carnitas to suffer through on the west side. (Though I have to say my favorite tends to be the carnitas at La Paz in Calabasas, which have been slow-cooked since a week after the dawn of mankind)

Thanks for the tip on the lengua... when it's good it's transcendent but it so rarely is.

This is definitely on the list.