Monday, February 13, 2012

Sku Awards: Whisky of the Year

As you know, every year around this time we announce the Sku Award for Whisky of the Year and then let commenters complain endlessly about our choices. There were many find contenders this year, but here is our choice.

Whisky of the Year: Hans-Adam Memorial Blend

And now I'm proud to announce that the Whisky of the Year for 2011 is...The Hans-Adam Memorial Blend. A commemoration of the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein, this is a stunning blend that really sets in motion a type of balance never seen in a blended whisky before. This is a whisky everyone should try!

The Hans-Adam Memorial Blend was a limited release of 38 bottles, most of which were given as gifts by the Liechtensteinian royal family, but at least 8 of them were available at Liechtenstein duty free shops.


Roger says:
Sku, this is an atrocity! They do not carry this bottle at my local store (Dave's Liquor, Bait and Tackle in Des Moines). You should not be drinking, reviewing or writing about whiskey that is not accessible to me personally, much less giving them awards.

Sku Says:
Sorry Paul, but the rules of these awards are very clear. Any whisky that was in existence during the calendar year 2011 qualifies for the award. I can understand your frustration, but I don't make the rules.

Roger says:
Like hell you don't! Dave's is a good store, carrying both Glenfiddich and Glenlivet as well as a number of fine blends and mini bottles of Jim Beam and Maker's Mark. Please limit your awards to that selection instead of all those snooty whiskies.


Ryan said...

Sku, amusing post, but you have a very high level of sarcastic humor: I can't tell if you're making fun of the silly limited bottling whisky awards, or the "Rogers" out there, or maybe both. Please don't make me think so hard next time ;-)

sku said...

Ryan, I'm an equal opportunity absurdist.

WTK said...

Sku, I have to object to your selection. Sure it is exclusive, but even so, you have the audacity to crown a blend with no age statement or known heritage? Pour another dram and think again!

Tim Read said...

Yeah, yeah, but the packaging sucks because it's too extravagant... ;)

Anonymous said...

Damn, I was going to try and recoup my money by trying to sell the empty package on eBay.

politicalidiot said...

AMAZING! I just picked up bottle of this stuff this weekend...cha-ching!!!!!!

online whisky store commenter said...

ive got 3 bottles its grate with coke

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Valentine choice! As a fellow connoisseur of symbiotic cupidity, I applaud the resolute branding banality of the Hans-Adam Memorial Blend, its soulless reception by an aspirational claque otherwise known as "Whisky Press", and the hysterical cries of the riff-raff whom bide their senseless lives patronizing such rags. A trifecta of baselessness... what whisky could offer more?? Kudos everyone!!!

The Rookie said...

Wait till the double black version comes out! It will only be available in duty free at the Liechtenstein International Airport. Can't wait!