Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old Ezra 101

After my experience with Rebel Yell, I was a bit skeptical about another Luxco product, but I thought I'd give them another chance. Old Ezra 101, 7 year old is part of the Ezra Brooks line. Like Rebel Yell, the Ezra Brooks label has a long history. It was most recently made at the now defunct Medley distillery. Now it's a product of the St. Louis bottler Luxco and most likely composed of Heaven Hill bourbon. Luxco has two Ezra Brooks expressions: a 90 proofer, and this one, Old Ezra 7 year old 101 proof.

Old Ezra 7 year old 101, 50.5% abv ($18)

The nose is light but nice with plenty of oak. The palate is woody and surprisingly drinkable for the abv. It's got lots of wood and then a good kick of briny rye which lasts into the finish. A strong, drinkable bourbon with plenty of wood and rye for under $20...what's not to like?

For the money, this is a great deal, and I liked it even more than Elijah Craig 12. The most difficult thing might be finding it as it seems to hover around the middle of the country without too many trips to the west coast. If you see it, pick one up.


Anonymous said...

The middle of the country bids all its strong, drinkable Ezra Brooks for 1/8th of the west coast allocation of annual limited release Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, and KBD products.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of Ezra Brooks. Very cool bit of info.

sam k said...

Just had this a week ago for the first time and agree wholeheartedly. The regular Ezra is no slouch either, at $20 a handle!