Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Illinois Dusty: Hiram Walker's DeLuxe Bourbon

A few months ago I sampled Hiram Walker's Ten High from the old Hiram Walker distillery in Peoria, Illinois. Today's dusty is the higher end bourbon from the Walker distillery, also from around 1982: Walker's DeLuxe.

Walker's DeLuxe, 8 years old, 43% abv.

The nose on this has a nice, oaky, musty bourbon note trailing off to some buttered popcorn. It has much more oak on it than the four year old Ten High. The palate starts well with some of those oak notes as well as some nice toffee notes but ends on a very bitter note which lasts into the finish.

This is a better whiskey than the Walker's Ten High; it starts well but the bitterness really ruins it for me. So much for Illinois Bourbon.

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