Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jefferson's Bourbon

Jefferson's Kentucky Straight Bourbon is the standard offering from McLain & Kyne's Jefferson label which also includes Jefferson's Reserve, Jefferson's Presidential and Jefferson's Rye. They call it a "very small batch" bourbon.

McLain & Kyne is a bottler who buys bourbons from other distilleries, so we don't know which distillery or distilleries produced this bourbon.

Jefferson's Bourbon, Batch 194, 41.15% abv ($30)

The nose on this is oaky, a bit nutty, with good sweet bourbon notes. The palate is sweet with light minty notes. Some rye spice comes on mid-palate and continues on to the finish.

This is a fine bourbon. It's sweet and fairly light. It's not complex but is an easy drinker. It has a lot in common with the standard Evan Williams and could well be from Heaven Hill. If this were $10 cheaper it would be easy to recommend. At $30, though, it's a bit out of its weight class.

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