Tuesday, September 25, 2012

High Crimes & Misdemeanors: Larceny Bourbon

Larceny is a new wheated bourbon from Heaven Hill. For years, Heaven Hill plodded along with the Old Fitzgerald line which ranges from decent to mediocre. Many whiskey lovers had given up hope in them putting any energy into a really good wheated bourbon. Then, in 2010, they surprised us all by releasing a wonderful ten year old wheated bourbon as part of the Parker's Heritage Collection series. Since then, we've all been wondering if they would expand their wheater line, and now they have.

Larceny has no age statement, but the distillery says it is aged from six to twelve years. It weighs in at 92 proof.

Larceny, 46% abv ($23)

The nose is very light with some fruit cocktail and cherry cough syrup. The palate is similarly light and sweet with bubblegum notes. The finish is fleeting.

Larceny is fine but not at all interesting. If you're looking for a light, sweet easy drinker, it might be for you, and it may be that it's targeting such folks (that is, Maker's Mark drinkers).


Jordan said...

Sounds kind of like Woodford (which, coincidentally, tasted like a wheater to me). Sounds like I'll just stick with Weller for my wheated bourbon needs.

Severin said...

I thought larceny was pretty good for what it is. Sku, I read your blog pretty regularly and I see you bash products more frequently than praise them. Could you name a few standard bourbon bottlings that you actually like. Thanks!

Sku said...

Severin, it's true that I've been disappointed with a lot of the new releases lately. As I've written before, I think there is a lot of style over substance these day. That being said, there are plenty of standard bottlings I love, though I don't generally review them as often since, in many cases, I already have.

I'm a big fan of Four Roses, George Dickel, High West and Wild Turkey. I like a lot of the standard Buffalo Trace line and the ryes from Heaven Hill. If you do some searches on the site, you'll find lots of reviews of these and other things I've liked and even loved.

Retro said...

i've been looking all over for some larceny in the LA area. know of any stores that sell it? also, what are your thoughts on eagle rare? it's my go to for every day drinking.

sku said...

Retro, I've seen the Larceny pretty much everywhere. K&L has it, I'm sure BevMo has it by now.

I haven't had Eagle Rare for a while, but I've generally liked it as a good, sweet sipper for a decent price.