Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dusty Thursday: Eagle Rare 101 (circa 1979)

Back in February, I sampled a bottle of the now discontinued Eagle Rare 101 distilled, as is today's version, by Buffalo Trace. The bottle I'm sampling today, though, dates to before the label was sold to Buffalo Trace. It was originally a Seagram's brand made at the Old Prentice Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, which is now Four Roses.

Eagle Rare 101 Old Prentice, (circa 1979), 10 years old, 50.5% abv

The nose is a bit musty and very woody with some sweet maple syrup The palate is heavily spicy and minty in a mouth wash sort of way which continues into the finish. This is a very nice bourbon and one I'd happily buy if it was available, but I must say I preferred the later, Buffalo Trace version of the 101 that I sampled back in February.

See the LA Whiskey Society reviews of Eagle Rare 101.


Greg said...

I just opened a bottle of this from 1991 about two weeks ago. This is another "dusty" favorite. I have another one opened that is a '72/'82 vintage and it's a superb bourbon. Must try if you can find it.

Tico said...

Love the dusty Thursday reviews. I've got a bottle of 81' open at the moment at its in the A-/A range for me. What BT year did you have that topped this 79'?

sku said...

Tico, it was this one; I don't know the exact date.

c2walker said...

Tico, I have an '81 bottle open as well and I'd rate it about the same as you. While I have noticed some variation in the few bottles of ER 101 that I've tried, I believe that all are better than the current 90 proof single barrel. Great review, Sku!

BMc said...

I was gifted some bottled sometime in the '90s, I think. It has a really thick mouthfeel but it's very much of its time and place, with some butterscotch notes to go with some nice tobacco/leather.