Monday, June 10, 2013


Unless you've been living under a whiskey rock, you know that the latest Ardbeg special release came out last week.  Ardbog is a vatting of Ardbeg aged for ten years in Mazanilla sherry casks and the regular bourbon cask ten year old.

I've been quite cynical about the special releases, particularly after last year's disastrous Galileo.  Let's see what this year's release is about

Ardbeg Ardbog, 52.1% abv ($100)

The nose is peaty with a malty background.  On the palate it comes across as very young with some almost new makey notes followed by bold, sweet peat.  The finish is like licking a big slab of peat.  Okay, I've never actually done this, but you know what  I mean.

This is a bold whisky with sweet, peaty notes that tastes much younger than its ten years.  In fact, tasting blind, I pegged it for closer to five years old.  It's definitely a step up from the Galileo, but while it's decent, it's not particularly special and is certainly not something I'd recommend for the $100 price tag.

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