Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blog of the Month: Danish Whisky Blog

Steffen Bräuner started his Danish Whisky Blog back in 2010 and has been doing a phenomenal job of consistently providing fresh, interesting commentary.  Unlike most European whiskey bloggers, Steffen has a taste for and knowledge of American whiskey as well as Scotch.

In a world of sometimes insanely long lists of whiskies to try before you die, Steffen's Seven Whiskies to Taste Before you Die nailed it. Another great list was his 10 facts about Japanese Distilleries.  Combine these with a discerning and experienced palate and a low tolerance for BS, and you've got a creative blog that just keeps getting better.  If you don't know it already, check it out!


Tim R said...

Steffen's blog is one of the must-read ones. Fantastic and informative.

WTK said...

Thanks for the tip Sku. I immediately added Steffen's blog to my RSS feed.

Steffen said...

Thanks for the mention Sku, and thanks for the nice words Tim


Adam H said...

Chiming in with more big support for Steffen's terrific, honest, unpretentious blog.