Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog of the Month: Red White & Bourbon

One of the good niches for a whiskey blog is covering the local whiskey scene.  Red White & Bourbon is a Colorado based blog that has lots of general whiskey coverage but specializes in Colorado whiskey reviews and news.  Blogger Josh Chinn highlights the Colorado craft scene, which is substantial, and even his reviews of standard whiskeys tend to focus on their availability at local bars and stores.

I particularly liked his post on the newly released Tin Cup Whiskey, a sourced product from Stranahan's.  Despite the misleading press, he nicely breaks down that this is likely MGP whiskey, probably a blend of two of their mashbills. He also does some good explanatory posts, like this guide to the Jefferson's line. 

If you're a Coloradan or at all interested in the Colorado whiskey scene, Red White & Bourbon is a great place to start.


Anonymous said...

I've been following his blog since it started. Glad you're bringing attention to it.

Anonymous said...

As a Kentucky native who now lives in Raleigh NC there are a few whiskeys that I always ask family to bring when they visit. Imagine my disappointment when they recently brought my beloved VOB and it was no longer the same. Gone was the flavor that looked forward to, and replaced by a bourbon that taste like young whiskey mixed with wood chips. I won't buy it again.