Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blind Black Bowmore

What happens when you put what's arguably the most legendary single malt into an otherwise unassuming, unhyped blind tasting?

This is the question posed by Adam of the LA Whiskey Society on a new blog post in which he describes what happened when he did just that at a blind tasting I attended.  Blind tastings are always revealing, stripping away all bias, hype and other issues, but this may have been my favorite blind tasting ever.  Check it out!


TR said...

Not surprised at all. For the same reason, I lose it every time somebody makes it sound like a Jefferson (say, the aged-at-sea), a Bulleit, or even a Pappy is the greatest single drink in the world. I would bet my entire worth you couldn't even tell them out of a blind sample with roughly similar drinks. That's why we should care about what goes into the bottle (besides marketing of course).

Anonymous said...

Favorite bit: "You shouldn't suffer any embarrassment to discover that the whisky you didn't like is something that everyone else thinks is great, or vice-versa. It doesn't matter. You enjoy what you enjoy."