Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blog of the Month: Chemistry of the Cocktail

This month's Blog of the Month is Chemistry of the Cocktail. Back in 2010, Oregon based chemistry graduate student Jordan Devereaux started to blog about cocktails, but over the years, the blog has evolved into a whiskey blog as the vast majority of his entries are now about whiskey (funny how that can happen - even to food blogs).  As a chemist, Devereaux is very good at laying down some whiskey science in a way that a lay person like me can (mostly) understand as in this post about the importance of long fermentation times. He also has some good commentary, like this piece on Bruichladdich under the Remy regime, lots of reviews (mostly of Scotch) and a monthly post on innovative cocktails.  Plus, he uses the most awesomely cool blog layout!

Check it out!


Eric Burke said...

Seconded. Jordan is pretty great.

And somehow I never noticed you two used the same layout. Funny that.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Jordan has a great blog and he's also super helpful on the Twittersphere!


BMc said...

I adore his blog. Not only is his chemistry info clear and concise, but his choices of reviews alternate between eclectic and timely, making the blog at speed with the community and also a source for new directions. He's also a good writer - his travelogue on his Islay trip ought to win an important award!

And no, I'm not Jordan or Michael K rarity in disguise...

BMc said...

That would be "Kravitz", not "K rarity", though who knows, maybe that was his JV basketball nickname